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With today’s modern technology developing at such a lightning pace, it has become extremely difficult to keep up with all these advancements, let alone harness and incorporate into the annual sales & marketing plans. Traditional sales channels have changed dramatically so by combining selected conventional methods with new innovative communication platforms, this is the way forward when presenting ourselves in today’s evolving market.

CI Pacific offer specialised services to demystify these fast-moving media channels and get you communicating with your market in these new ways that the market has come to expect.

Our Services

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Industry Database Marketing

  • Media & Social Media Integration
  • VSR Online Video training & Updates

  • Global Video Distribution
  • Communication Distribution


Our custom representation services can be provided as Full Service, Specialised Service or Project Only. Our operation is completely transparent and accountable, while producing measurable sales results and return on investment. Our specialist areas include Database Marketing & Management; OTAs, Social Media, Rich Media and Digital Asset Management; General Sales and Marketing; Industry Sales Representation; Advanced Training – VSR; Media communication and coordination; and Specialist markets.- Andrew Gulland

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